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    IoT Analytics

    Tellient's IoT Analytics gives you the whole story
    with beautiful graphs for humans, organized data for machines,
    designed for the Internet of Things.
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Make Better Things

Shouldn't the things you make be better? We think so. IoT Analytics gives you the insights to know how your products and networks can improve.

Elevate Your View

If knowing is half the battle, the other half is knowing what else. Tellient's IoT Analytics alerts you to things that weren't even on your radar.

Better Returns

What would you do better if you knew more about how customers used your product or network? How much more money could you make?

Powerful Tech

Making hard things look easy is hard. IoT Analytics that's comprehensible at a glance is the best way to spot trends that you can act on.

Smarter Things, Better Things

Tellient named one of 50 Most Promising IOT Solution Providers of 2015 by CIO Review
Tellient is all set to unlock new business models expecially for chip manufacturers and mobile carriers in the IoT space and forge new paths in analytics.
IoT Insights: The Spark that Will Ignite the IoT

IoT Insights: The Spark that Will Ignite the IoT

There is a somewhat infamous 1995 Newsweek article about how the hype and the reality of the Internet were so far apart. Here is a choice excerpt complaining about[...]

August 31, 2016
LTE Direct and the Importance of Proximity to the IoT

LTE Direct and the Importance of Proximity to the IoT

Here is the world we want to live in: When we get in our car, we don’t have to put a key in the ignition; we just press “start” [...]

July 20, 2016
The Internet of Shit: The Only Way Out is Through

The Internet of Shit: The Only Way Out is Through

The Internet of Shit? I can't help but think that many people jumping on this bandwagon are missing the big picture: This is only a phase[...]

May 4, 2016
IoT Analytics

Internet of Things Analytics

Internet of Things Analytics is the term we use to refer to the measurement and transformation into business intelligence of the Internet of Things [...]


Tellient Does IoT Analytics

  • Unlimited Users

    Sharing is caring. Our flat pricing approach allows you to give everyone access to the IoT Analytics they need to make your business better.

  • Unlimited Data Points

    Complexity is our business. You focus on building the most awesome thing imaginable, and we’ll focus on telling you what it’s doing with IoT Analytics.

  • Configurable Visualization

    Customize your view of your data by individual user to optimize relevant information so each person gets just the data they need.

  • Easily Sharable

    Need an API to share your IoT Analytics...wherever? We’ve got you covered. Export your live feeds to any other application to build a complete view of your ecosystem.

  • Scheduled Reporting

    Set your reporting interval and choose a publishing option. Want your executive IoT Analytics reports emailed on the 1st of each month? We do that.

  • Any Platform

    Access IoT Analytics information from any device no matter where you are, and be assured that it won’t just work – it will be beautiful and fully functional.

  • Extended Value

    Give all your users a personal product portal for free. Tellient can even give your customers their own IoT analytics dashboard.

  • Complete Picture

    We don’t stop at your data. We correlate your device and network data with every available data source to give you deep intelligence that will blow your mind.

There's no reason you have to develop IoT analytics from scratch for the things you make, or use tools that weren't made for IoT. Things are different, and Tellient is different.
Tristan Barnum, Tellient Founder